01 May 2010


Hah, it's been at least a half a year since my last post here. So I'm going kill this blog because I've switched to tumblr. Update your bookmarks/feeds/whatever. New artblog is at diario.naomi-maria.com .

Quick update... Since Handicraft, I started working as a bicycle delivery girl for Jimmy John's and uni is as busy as every. I should be going through my advancement portfolio review next week.
Still doing bike polo. We have a website now: indybikepolo.com.

Anyways, start following me on tumblr . I actually update that with more frequency. It suits my e-laziness.

07 October 2009

handicraft and charming nonsense.

I managed to take home decent profits from the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange! Pretty exciting. I managed to sell most of what I brought to the exchange. Now I'm working on new things to fill up my online store at charming nonsense. Right now I'm trying to figure out layouts, decide on shipping costs, write up descriptions, take photos, and make more items. I expect to have the whole thing up and ready by the end of this month.

28 September 2009

art, contests, and events.

Friday 25 October was the final showdown of Art vs. Art. This was my third year competing, but my first year making it into the top 32! It was a little disappointing that I didn't make it into the final 16, but it might be a good thing, considering the number of times the Wheel of Death landed on Instant Death.

This weekend is the 2009 Fall INDIEana Handicraft Exchange at the Harrison Center for the Arts. I will be a vendor this year! You'll be able to find me at booth #50, which will be in either Gallery 1 or perhaps the basement (the vendor map doesn't make it clear), wherever it is, I'll be across the aisle from A Squared Industries. The Exchange runs from 6pm - 9pm on Friday 2 October and 10am - 6pm on Saturday 3 October.
I'll have a few extra chairs at my booth, so stop by and hang out!

I'll post videos of destruction from Art vs. Art and photos of what I'm selling on Thursday!

Oh and I've been uploading art to flickr! Go check it out. I'm slowly getting a little better about taking photos and getting them up, but I'm still behind, hahah.

17 April 2009


Ugh, I really prefer the term "bean bag toss," but more people are familiar with "corn hole." I did not build them, merely decorated them for one of my friends.

More photos on my flickr account!

04 April 2009

madame pigeon.

I'm pretty bad at updating this, even worse at updating my flickr account, and virtualnao.com has yet to see any construction. Oh dear.

Classes have been keeping me busy and it will crazy until the end of the semester. Gallery show in August is off, since Gnosis had to close it's doors; however, I'm pursuing some other locations.

Something I was working on earlier today:

21 January 2009

playing with stone slabs.

Uni started up again last week, so I've been pretty busy with studio work. Lithography will be the most time consuming class this semester. Last night I was graining stones:

It looks a bit tedious, right? Well it is! Graining a stone takes several hours.

In the video I'm pouring corundum grit on to a wet limestone slab. Then I use another piece of wet limestone and pass it over the bottom stone in various patterns to remove the previous image off the stone.

I will explain more about processes in lithography at another time, since I have an essay that I should finish tonight.

One more thing: my next solo show will be opening Friday, 14 August 2009, at Gnosis. More details and flyer later.

05 December 2008

squish factor

I just came home from dropping eight cute little guys at Gnosis for tonight's opening of the Squish Factor group show. You should go and buy soft and cute plushes! I will take some pictures later tonight at the gallery.

The fall semester is about to end! I'm pretty pleased with all the paintings I did and you'll be able to find pictures of them on my flickr pretty soon. Even though I will be going to Chile for a couple weeks, I will be working on putting up more work and getting the website in order...finally.

I've already started planning out the show calendar for 2009. I know that I will be doing at least one solo show and a couple group shows. Information will be posted as the dates and locations are decided.

20 November 2008

out with the old...

Made a new header. I think I'm managing to translate my normal drawing style better into solids. The background pattern was made by hand!

In other news, start keeping an eye on my flickr account. I upgraded to pro last month and have started posting things as I work on them. I will have a huge backlog of work to upload, but I will try to be diligent about it. As for virtualnao.com, I still have yet to figure out how to divide up my portfolio, so who knows when that will happen.