28 September 2009

art, contests, and events.

Friday 25 October was the final showdown of Art vs. Art. This was my third year competing, but my first year making it into the top 32! It was a little disappointing that I didn't make it into the final 16, but it might be a good thing, considering the number of times the Wheel of Death landed on Instant Death.

This weekend is the 2009 Fall INDIEana Handicraft Exchange at the Harrison Center for the Arts. I will be a vendor this year! You'll be able to find me at booth #50, which will be in either Gallery 1 or perhaps the basement (the vendor map doesn't make it clear), wherever it is, I'll be across the aisle from A Squared Industries. The Exchange runs from 6pm - 9pm on Friday 2 October and 10am - 6pm on Saturday 3 October.
I'll have a few extra chairs at my booth, so stop by and hang out!

I'll post videos of destruction from Art vs. Art and photos of what I'm selling on Thursday!

Oh and I've been uploading art to flickr! Go check it out. I'm slowly getting a little better about taking photos and getting them up, but I'm still behind, hahah.

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