22 April 2008

belated update

So! I have completely forgotten to update this and now it's time to catch up.

First, a completed commission I did for my friend Rob, also known as Stray. He liked the header illustration on this blog so much that he wanted one for his site too! He sent me to his flickr and I picked out something to work with and made some sketches. Then I dove into Adobe Illustrator to make the final format of the image and then a little bit of tweaking to improve the image to Rob's liking. The final version went to him where he changed the colors to fit with his interface better and voila:

I'm currently working on illustrating Humannaires! Astronaut Instruction Manual for Pre-Teens, written by Mike Mongo. I won the project by participating in the competition on Pixish. I'll post images from this project later, because I'm still going over the book, making notes and preliminary sketches.

And to finish this post off, my new deviantArt ID and an oekaki!


Stray said...

And I absolutely recommend Nao's marvelous illustration skills to anyone and everyone!

Anonymous said...

U r the best Naomi =]
i like your style and over all the oekakis. i have a blog in here hope you stop by and leave sum comments on my drawings ok.