21 September 2007

new branding.

Someone bought my painting from Art vs. Art! And Masterpiece in a Day is tomorrow morning. I have a large diptych planned out using spray paint, paint pens, and oils on canvas.

My boyfriend and I have created a brand for ourselves-- BFxGF. The site is there, just not functional, since I really need to finish up my own website first. BFxGF will be a site where we will sell art, clothing, accessories, toys, furnishings, and other things that we both make.

If you are thinking about doing business with Holly Combs of Peel Magazine and the new gallery Alias, don't. Her husband Dave is wonderful, but she's a tyrant who demands that things go exactly her way and will cause you great misery. I lost a gallery opening thanks to her.

Last but not least, I love the Graffiti application on Facebook. It has a couple glitches, for instance sometimes you lose the ability to apply a new color swatch, but other than that it's a great flash application. Some things that I have drawn so far:

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