09 September 2007

blueberry buddha.

Well hooray! I have a job to sustain me between freelance items. Starting on Monday I will be an employee of Gannett Company, Incorporated. I will be prepping photos and images from various Gannett periodicals and sending off to print facilities. It's definitely a better job than Starbucks. And I'll get Photoshop CS3 training.

I competed in Art vs. Art a couple weeks back. I wasn't particularly satisfied with the painting, composition, or the provided supplies, so I didn't really promote it. It's far from finished even though I had sketches to work from. I do like the image idea of blueberries + Buddha, so I'll do some Buddhist art research to make it look more like a traditional devotional painting and redo it in oils. I think I have a better chance for Masterpiece in a Day.

Besides that, I have quite a bit of freelance work that I'm behind on. I really need to get on that!

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