14 October 2008

Victims of Victoria

So my entry for Art vs. Art didn't get into the top 32, but it was sold almost immediately, so that's not too bad.

My show, Victims of Victoria opened on the 3rd at Gnosis and I was not even present for it. I sort of ran myself into the ground getting things ready for the show plus my studio and academic work for school. One of my friends hung my paintings for me while I feebly wrote out titles and prices. They then drove me home and I crawled into bed and died for the weekend. Photos of work will come later.

I'm not crazy about the work I did for the show. I know it was my first solo show and only had a month to make everything, but I feel like the pieces are bare. I was experimenting with some new techniques and learned a lot about planning and executing an entire show based around one theme. I will try to have my next solo show be a mix of prints and paintings, but I have no idea when that would be. Next week I will start working on pieces for a soft form/plush group show that opens in December.

Side note: I really need to make a new header illustration for this blog. My hair is much longer and that hamster is no more. And I need to update flickr, deviant art, cloroflot, etc. and finally finish my website...

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Stray said...

I'd love to see your gallery showing, but Indy's kind of a long way to drive for a day trip. Maybe if I can find a cheap hotel in the area, I'll come down.