17 September 2008

Art vs. Art

Last Saturday was Art vs. Art. I actually finished the painting this time, unlike last year's entry. Last year I actually had a plan and knew exactly what I wanted to do, just ran out of time. This year I decided to just let it develop while I was working on it. Just started with the background and ended up with this finished product:

So now it's time to vote! Go here and look through the thumbnails for my painting (#362) to vote for it or someone else's. You can actually vote for the same painting three time or vote for three separate paintings with the same email address. However, you have to follow the link that in a confirmation email sent to your address for the vote to be official. Watch out, it might wind up in your spam box!

I'm hoping to make it into the top 32 and have someone buy the painting again. It would be nice to make it into the top 16, but I'd be kind of sad if the painting would wind up getting destroyed. This year I will actually be able to go to the showdown since I don't have to go to work anymore!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I purchased your painting at the Art vs. Art event on Saturday evening! I would greatly appreciate if I could get you to personally sign the piece before framing it.

Please contact me via e-mail at amdubya@aim.com

I look forward to hearing from you!

-Amy Ward