07 October 2009

handicraft and charming nonsense.

I managed to take home decent profits from the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange! Pretty exciting. I managed to sell most of what I brought to the exchange. Now I'm working on new things to fill up my online store at charming nonsense. Right now I'm trying to figure out layouts, decide on shipping costs, write up descriptions, take photos, and make more items. I expect to have the whole thing up and ready by the end of this month.


Divi said...

Cant wait to see your shop all filled out and ready :3 The bunny plushies are cute ♥

John said...

I was just cleaning out my notepad and found virtualnao.com scribbled on a page. I've been trying to figure out where on earth I got it. I clicked around until I found this post and recognized some magnets my daughter and I bought from you at this event. While I can't say the same for my wife, the magnets were the only thing my daughter and I had to have that day. Keep up the good work!